Polaris Valet Trash offers much more than just door-to-door waste removal services. We provide eco-friendly solutions that are safe for your community, pets and our environment. Please check-out our services that we offer to meet all of your property needs! Polaris is ready to build with you and service your community. So, what are you waiting for? 

Bulk Removal

Our bulk item removal program is an added service option that enables communities to request for the removal of bulk items from their property. This can include apartment clean-outs, removal of items from the vicinity of dumpsters or more general large items that would otherwise rapidly fill up on site dumpsters. Our bulk item removal services also include a donation program that allows communities to select sites of donation to further our aim to recycle and reuse old items that are still in usable condition. We donate to local nonprofit organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity if the property chooses not to specify. Please note that we request that communities set up an appointment for unusually large pickups/apartment clean-outs. Contact us for more specific information as each community is unique and has varied requirements.

Standard Pick-Up

We designed our system to handle the unique needs of each community we serve. We follow strict rules, standard safety procedures and professionalism throughout all the steps, starting from analyzing your waste management needs, to the final stages of roll-out and service start dates. Service is provided five days a week, with customized service times and days to meet the needs and expectations of your property. Just place the container outside of your door at the designated time and you’re done! Place the container back in your home by 8 a.m.

Pet Waste Solutions

Our Pet Waste Solutions include distribution of pet waste stations and daily services for the removal and replacement of pet waste bags. Our Service Providers will replace and manage each pet waste station alongside their trash and/or recycling valet service.


Full service is provided 3 days a week. Residents are provided with service education materials. Gives your residents the opportunity to recycle. Follows all local codes, standards and ordinances for recycling.