Our Mission:

Polaris Valet Trash is committed to providing a clean and reliable service to the multifamily
housing industry. We are a company built on integrity, trust and service. All Polaris employees are expected to conduct themselves with professionalism of the highest standard and produce work results of the highest quality that is timely and can be measured by the satisfaction of the customer. We believe that business is all about rooting strong relationships with our clients. We
take the time to get to know our clients, understand their business goals and create win-win opportunities. Building a tradition of working as partners rather than just suppliers of a service.


This commitment to a cooperative business model and customer service is what makes Polaris the gold standard in Trash Valet. With Polaris Valet Trash, you can expect quality service, no matter what your waste management needs are.


How we started:

As a middle school math teacher, my class and I were having a course on financial literacy. One of my students said he wanted to be an entrepreneur, opening the conversation on entrepreneurship and he asked what does it take to be an entrepreneur. I responded by telling the students to create a business in something they are passionate about and can help others with. They asked why I haven't started my own business, and that question stuck with me for the next few days. As the days passed, I was at my apartment complex and saw a female neighbor who was pregnant trying to carry her trash bags down the stairs. I offered to help her and initially thought it was just being a gentleman, but then realized it was something that is a need and demand in many communities. That's when the seed was planted to begin Polaris. Just like I took my neighbor's trash, I'll do the same for you.